Sarasota Capital Strategies manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.

If you don’t know where you are how can you know where you’re going? Your portfolio starts with a comprehensive assessment of your financial position. Then we formulate the investment strategy that best suits your individual needs. The strategy selected not only must help you meet your goals but also must be flexible enough to withstand the turbulence in today’s markets.

Here are two videos from the most recent seminar by Anthony Welch, CFP. Anthony talks about some of the most common mistakes investor are making today. His goal is to help investors stay focused on what is really important.

Why Invest?


Total Return



Your financial life is the business of Sarasota Capital Strategies, people who understand the lifestyles of active retirees, those approaching retirement and the active investor. ​Our investment strategy strives to deliver positive returns through up, down, and sideways markets. Our strategies target the smoothing of returns by sidestepping deep declines in the markets.

Simple mathematics show that the return needed to reach break-even after experiencing an investment loss is always greater than the loss percentage. We understand the importance of avoiding losses which could take years for you to recover from.

You’ll enjoy spending your quality time knowing your money matters are in the hands of people whose primary concern is your financial wellbeing.